Gemstone: Mabe Tahitian Pearl

Mabe Tahitian pearls occur when a blister pearl grows attached to the surface of the mollusk—like all pearls, mabe Tahitian pearls are formed when an irritant becomes trapped in a mollusk. Mabe Tahitian pearls are cut, filled to add durability, and backed with mother of pearl. These pearls are beloved by HBJ for their inky and lavender orients and lustrous glow.
MOHS Hardness: 2.5 to 4.5
Origins: Saltwater farms in French Polynesia 
Care: Mabe Tahitian pearls are very delicate. Keep mabe Tahitian pearl jewelry away from chemicals as contact with cosmetics, oils, acids, etc., can discolor or ruin their texture or discolor them. To clean your mabe Tahitian pearls jewelry, use lukewarm water with mild soap. Do not use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.
Birthstone: June
Anniversary: 30th