Collection Banner: BAFF Artist's Eye Intaglio Necklace

The Hannah Blount Jewelry Purchase with Purpose series continues to grow with a new Intaglio necklace, featuring a hand-carved stone by artist Lala Ragimov. The BAFF Artist’s Eye Intaglio Necklace marries nature’s organic artistry with intricate craftsmanship and the singular vision of those that identify as artists. No matter the medium, an artist’s view expands and enhances their community—this sentiment of unity and creativity is evoked in the piece’s finite details and gossamer gemstone.

30% of each purchase of this new piece benefits the Black Art Futures Fund program from Red Olive Culture Commons. BAFF supports Black-led, community-serving art and culture organizations in the US through monetary grants, as well as professional advising.

This new quartz necklace serves as a symbol of creation, community, and the new worlds that are possible when art and culture are supported and resourced.