a handmade treasure just for you

Hannah Blount Jewelry would be honored to bring your custom creation to life, whether you’re looking to create an entirely new piece of fine jewelry, personalize an existing HBJ design, or reimagine a personal heirloom.


custom RINGS

Ashley's Sapphire Engagement Ring

Ash + Deirdre Montana Sapphire Wedding Set

Liz's Tourmaline Birthday Ring

Corinne's Carved Goddess Ring

Jesse's Wedding Ring Set

Hannah + John's Wedding Set

Cliff + Mayumi's Branch Wedding Band Set

Michael's Shark Tooth Wedding Band

Zane + Julie's Branch Wedding Bands

Steph's Salt + Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

Shawn + Kira's Wedding Bands

Martha's Birthstone Ring

Marylinda's Goddess Diana Intaglio Ring

Lauren's Empress Faustina Sr. Coin Retirement Ring

Beth's Opal Branch Ring

Melissa's Diamond Engagement Ring Remake

Grant's Carved Wedding Band

Lauren's Diamond Cameo Wedding Set

Johanna's Sapphire Branch Ring

Mia's Montana Sapphire Graduation Ring

Pamela's Diamond Divorce Ring

Iona's Birthstone Branch Ring

Katrina's Heirloom Diamond Branch Ring

Hathaway's Heirloom Emerald Ring

Becca's Montana Sapphire Branch Ring

Jamie + Paul's Heirloom Diamond Wedding Set

Juanita's Heirloom Diamond Anniversary Ring Set

Michele's Turquoise Engagement Ring

Susie + Brian's Wedding Ring Set


Beth's Heirloom Amber Necklace

Leone's Cross Pendant

James' Tahitian Pearl Barnacle Bracelet

Aliza's Diamond Engagement Ring Remake

Mary's Birthstone Barnacle Cuff

Karen's Heirloom Hat Pin Necklace

John's Barnacle Money Clip

Terry's Goddess Diana Opal Cameo Pendant

Tara's Heirloom Pearl Necklace

Laura's Opal + Milk Teeth Cameo Earrings

Katrina's Heirloom Diamond Earrings with Turquoise

Wei Jing's Heirloom Diamond Earrings