Ah, the joys of the studio. The other evening I had the randomest urge to get no work done, and instead decided to take photos of the little items that make my wheels turn. It was delightful to take the dirty chaos that is on my jeweler's bench and glamorize them with good lighting and a tight zoom. To be honest, most of them are just as exciting in real life. The bright white of new chain, the colors of all my pliers bunched and shoved together on their stand. The new bench pin that is slowly scuffing up with file marks and holes from a drill bit (much like my fingernails), something to be proud of. My disorganized cluster of half-finished work that never seems to get finished; or put away, because that would mean defeat. I would like to share these with you, for they are as important to me as my work is. Enjoy!

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Maren + David

Maren + David | September 16, 2021 "Working with Hannah was really special." "Hannah knew my vision for the engagement ring before we even officially...

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Shop in Person: May 3-5 in Boston

  WHEN: May 3rd through May 5thFriday: 5pm-9pm (First Friday)    Saturday: 11am to 4pm Sunday: 11am to 4pm    WHERE:450 Harrison Ave #309C Studio of Brittney CicconeSoWa Artist...

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