Meet The HBJ Team | Colleen - Studio Coordinator

The HBJ Studio is comprised of a unique vision, one-of-a-kind clients and an incredible team. Get to know a little more about the people behind the HBJ hustle...

The Hannah Blount Jewelry Studio Team | Studio Coordinator | Colleen Fitzbiggons

Name: Colleen Rose Fitzgibbons
Title: Studio Coordinator
Started: Summer 2017

What do you do at Hannah Blount Jewelry?
I am responsible for maintaining the studio. From managing online orders, to keeping up with the email correspondences, preparing for shows and events, and any other thing that the HBJ team might need! 

Where are you from?
Norwell, Massachusetts 

What is your favorite gemstone?
I am partial to any and all opals, they are completely magnificent!

If you could summarize your day to day in a single word, or an emoji, what would it be?

Which HBJ collection expresses your personal style best?
The Cameo and Vanity collections both speak to me because I just love truly unique and individual pieces of jewelry. I very much identify with the Vanity collection, because I am a firm believer that we should all take pride in adorning ourselves! I also see my style in the Cameo collection, because there is something truly magical and empowering about each and every Lady- like each Lady has a story or maybe a secret she wants to share with someone special. 

What inspires you?
My friends and family inspire me with their passion, hard work, and determination; I often feel inspired by the majesty of the ocean; I am inspired by any and all things magical, specifically Harry Potter and Stevie Nicks.

HBJ pieces aim to empower their wearer. What empowers you?
I truly find the act of adorning oneself to be very empowering. I always feel empowered when I get tattoos and piercings, and when I put on my makeup and my jewelry like war paint and armor to take on the world.

Growing up, what was your dream job?
When I was growing up, I wanted to be a lobster. Upon discovering that was not a feasible option, I decided I wanted to be a doctor; this was most likely a result of my sister's ambition to become a nurse paired with my obsession with medical TV shows. Once I encountered the world of theatre arts, I knew whatever my dream job was- I wanted to work in a creative environment. 

We eat a lot in this studio. What is your favorite baked good?
I love all baked goods, but I will never say no to a donut!

What're the odds Beryl will call you into his office for an HR violation?
I have actually already received a verbal warning from Beryl for "offensive coughing", but we have also had some great times together at the pity parties B throws when Hannah goes out for lunch without him, so I'm hopeful that the odds are low!

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