Pyrite Ammonite Vanity Ring, 6.5 - Hannah Blount Jewelry

Pyrite Ammonite Vanity Ring, 6.5


A grand, pyrite ammonite negative is grasped by a single 18k gold prong, enhancing the handmade ring's droplet shape and it's intricacies. The naturalistic geometry of the ammonite negative in tandem with the warm, 18k gold and glittering pyrite create a one-of-kind ring. The hammered silver band adds contemporary elegance to the mollusk-inspired piece. 

Pyrite ammonite ring. Approximately 25x20mm. Available in bright silver with 18k gold. Size 6.5. Please contact the studio directly for sizing inquiries.

This ring is one-of-a-kind and available to ship within two to three business days.