Merrow Pearl Cameo Earrings with Barnacles-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Merrow Pearl Cameo Earrings with Barnacles-Hannah Blount Jewelry
One of a Kind

Merrow Pearl Cameo Earrings with Barnacles

18k gold Ladies sit pretty on barnacle-adorned pearls that radiate with silver, lavender, rose, and citrus hues. These handmade, one-of-a-kind pearl earrings evoke the Celtic myth of Merrows — sea singers that infused dry land with magic and drama.

Pink freshwater pearl Cameo earrings with Ruthie B. barnacles. Available in 18k gold with bright sterling silver. Approximately 11x18mm drops.


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About the gemstone

Freshwater baroque pearls are beloved for their gloriously irregular, non-spherical shapes and varying orient (the shimmering iridescence that appears to coat each pearl) and luster. Like all pearls, freshwater baroque pearls are formed when an irritant becomes trapped in a mollusk. The mollusk secretes a fluid, called nacre, which coats the irritant layer upon layer until a pearl is formed.
MOHs Hardness: 2.5
Origins: Freshwater farms across Asia
CareKeep freshwater baroque pearls away from chemicals. Contact with cosmetics, oils, acids, etc., can discolor or ruin the texture of pearls. To clean, use warm water with mild soap. Do not use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.
Strands of pearls should not be washed.  They should be wiped down with a soft clean cloth before storing.  Wetting the silk can cause stretching. 
Birthstone: June
Anniversary: 30th


The Story of Cameo

The hand-carved, formidable female faces of the Cameo collection aim to empower women with meditative and eerie adornments. Each Lady is a love letter to art nouveau and a symbol of the soft power, strength, femininity, and perseverance found in all who identify as a woman. These contemporary Cameos are often paired with repurposed diamonds, baroque pearls, naturalistic gemstones, bright silver, and 18k gold. Eerie yet elegant, tranquil, and enlightened: the Cameo collection offers talisman of empowerment and connection to herstories yet to be written. Shop the full Cameo Collection

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