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Extra Grand Sticks and Stones Herkimer Diamond Necklace #6-Hannah Blount Jewelry

Extra Grand Sticks and Stones Herkimer Diamond Necklace #6


An extra grand and intrepid oxidized silver chain is comprised of handmade egg bails that accent the organic beauty of a crisp, pellucid Herkimer diamond pendant. The varying shapes and silhouettes of the bails and quartz create asymmetrical beauty in this naturalistic yet industrial, one-of-a-kind necklace. 

Herkimer diamonds are raw quartz crystals mined exclusively in Herkimer County, NY. Believed to be nearly 500 million years old, each stone has naturally formed with eighteen facets, six sides, and two points (double terminated). While they are not actually diamonds, they earned this nickname for their diamond-like shapes. Each is uncut and unique. 

Sticks and Stones Herkimer diamond pendant. Approximately 39x19mm. Available in ombre bright silver + oxidized silver. 36in handmade egg link infinity chain. 

This necklace is one-of-a-kind and available to ship within two to three business days.