Diamond Alençon Vanity Ring-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Diamond Alençon Vanity Ring-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Diamond Alençon Vanity Ring-Hannah Blount Jewelry

Diamond Alençon Vanity Ring

A coruscating solitaire diamond is enveloped by Hannah Blount Jewelry's Alençon lace setting, creating a regal, one-of-a-kind ring. The singular diamond stands alone, yet is enforced and enhanced by the dainty yet imperial 14k gold setting. 

0.25ct antique, mine cut, rose cut diamond ring. Approximately 8x8mm. Available in 14k gold. Size 6.5. Please contact the studio directly for sizing inquiries. 

This ring is one-of-a-kind and available to ship within two to three business days. 


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Ring Sizing

Stock rings can be sized up or down within a tolerance; we assess whether to resize a stock ring or make a new one based on the size ordered. We want to ensure your ring is crafted with heirloom quality.

About The Gemstone

Old mine cut diamonds were studied and individually cut by eye and hand by the structure of the crystal from the 18th to late 19th century. Beloved for their unique and somewhat asymmetrical shapes, they are often described as “cut by candlelight”—referring to the diamonds’ large facets, and taller pavilion and table that catch the flicker of flames and light. Old mine cut diamonds are traditionally square-shaped with a classic, sliced-bottom that creates a window to see through the table further enhancing the diamonds’ sparkle.
MOHs Hardness: 10
Origins: Various
Care: While diamonds are the earth’s hardest gemstone, they can still break. Avoid dropping diamonds onto hard surfaces. To clean your diamond piece, soak in warm, soapy water and remove any dirt with a toothbrush or the like. It is safe to clean with an ultrasonic and steam cleaner.
Healing Properties: Diamonds are believed to promote radiance, self-sovereignty, and fearlessness.
Birthstone: April
Anniversary: 60th and 75th