Sticks and Stones Carved Moonstone Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Sticks and Stones Carved Moonstone Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry
One of a Kind

Sticks and Stones Carved Moonstone Necklace

A grand and ethereal sphere of moonstone is carved with a leaf's veins creating an otherworldly pendant that combines the cosmos with earth's natural artistry. The play of lines continues throughout this handmade, one-of-a-kind necklace with 14k gold egg-motif details breaking up the stark, oxidized silver chain.

33.9ct carved moonstone pendant. Available in oxidized silver with 14k gold. Approximately 17x28mm. 32in infinity chain with egg motif details.


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About The Gemstone

Moonstones are beloved for their pearly and lustrous hues and adularescence: the metallic iridescence from reflective light that appears to glow from beneath the gemstone's surface. Moonstones are considered a lucky gemstone and have a long history steeped in magic and mystery.
MOHs Hardness: 6-6.5
Origins: India
Care: Moonstones are fragile, make sure to avoid knocking or dropping your moonstone jewelry onto hard and/or abrasive surfaces. To clean your moonstone piece, wash with warm water and a mild dish soap and let dry—do not use ultrasonic and steam cleaners. 
Healing Propertiesself-discovery, intuition support, empathy, protection, and prophecy.
Birthstone: June
Anniversary: 13th



The Story of Sticks and Stones

Comprising raw quartz crystals mined exclusively in Herkimer County, NY, each Herkimer diamond is naturally formed with eighteen facets and two points (double terminated). This collection highlights the unique and diverse inclusions of each uncut, one-of-a-kind crystal. Utilizing minimal design to highlight their individual beauty, Sticks and Stones accentuates the natural beauty of Herkimer diamonds. Shop the full Sticks and Stones Collection