Lagoon Golden Hills Turquoise Vanity Earrings-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Lagoon Golden Hills Turquoise Vanity Earrings-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Lagoon Golden Hills Turquoise Vanity Earrings-Hannah Blount Jewelry
One of a Kind

Lagoon Golden Hills Turquoise Vanity Earrings

A pair of handmade, one-of-a-kind Golden Hills Kazakhstan turquoise earrings appear like droplets of water from a lagoon in the Andaman Sea. Ovoid 14k gold bails and sharp Vanity prongs add elegant modernity to the naturalistic gemstones.

9ct Golden Hills Kazakhstan turquoise Vanity earrings. Available in 14k gold with bright fine silver. Approximately 14x19mm.


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About The Gemstone

Kazakhstan Turquoise is particularly renowned for its lavender colors and burnt sienna matrices Often featuring a gradient of blue shades, Kazakhstan Turquoise’s vibrance is due to its unique porous texture.
MOHs Hardness: 5-6
Origins: Golden Hills mine, Kazakhstan.
Care: Keep Kazakhstan Turquoise away from chemicals. Contact with cosmetics, oils, acids, etc can discolor the gemstone. To clean, use warm water with mild soap. Do not use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.
Healing Properties: serenity, communication, and spiritual expansion.
Birthstone: Turquoise is one of three December birthstones.
Treatment: None



The Story of Vanity

Celebrating the often discouraged act of adorning oneself, the Vanity collection combines glamour with grit, and naturalistic curiosities with industrial elements. Growing up in a world that said a desire to be beautiful was vain, Hannah learned through time and her artwork that connecting to beauty is an ultimate form of empowerment. The one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces of the Vanity collection incorporate Hannah’s love of atypical gemstones and prong settings. The gemstones found in Vanity are hand-selected for their obvious beauty, but more often for what makes them more obscure: vibrancy in unexpected hues, garish silhouettes, and striking inclusions that deem them traditionally flawed. But it is through their perfect imperfections that Hannah is given a canvas to celebrate her love of making, design, beauty, and unbridled creativity. Contrasting delicacy with severity and subtlety with singularity, the Vanity collection is a love story to femininity and ardent self-love. Shop the full Vanity Collection

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