Sea Pen Raw Opal Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Sea Pen Raw Opal Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Sea Pen Raw Opal Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles-Hannah Blount Jewelry
One of a Kind

Sea Pen Raw Opal Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles

A grand chunk of raw, fossilized wood Lightning Ridge opal is adorned with varying 14k gold barnacles and offset by a bright silver chain with elongated egg-motif details in this one-of-a-kind, handmade necklace. The oceanic pendant pulsates with opalescence and flashes of pastels like a sea pen drifting with the tide.

16.2ct raw fossilized wood Lightning Ridge opal Ruthie B. necklace with barnacles. Available in bright sterling silver with 14k gold barnacles. Approximately 15x34mm. 32in infinity chain with egg motif details.


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About the gemstone

Opals are a pseudomorph: they are able to fill in and substitute for another material and form as fossils. In the right conditions, a raw opal specimen is formed in a cavity left by a piece of wood buried in sand or clay. The opal forms a fossil replica of the original object that was buried.
MOHs Hardness: 5.5-6.5
Origins: Lightning Ridge, NSW Australia
Care: All opals are fragile like glass: be extra careful to avoid abrasive surfaces, and avoid knocking your opal against hard surfaces. Extreme temperature shifts can cause cracks. To keep your opal clean, use warm water with mild soap and a soft toothbrush or cloth. Do not use a steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner.
Healing Properties: Precious opals that contain play-of-color are known to stimulate the emotional body and are considered an amplifier stone
Birthstone: October 
Anniversary: 14th


The Story of Ruthie B.

An homage to Hannah's childhood and the nostalgia of her fishing home, this collection comprises gritty nautical-inspired pieces. The collection is named after Hannah's father's fishing vessel, the Ruthie B, which was named after Hannah's mother. Ruthie B. celebrates the mystery and natural peculiarity of the ocean that painted the artist’s childhood. In their weathered island home, Hannah and her six siblings learned how to entertain themselves amidst the chaos that comes with such a large family. The dingy fishing paraphernalia that littered their backyard was a playground of inspiration: raw snapshots of beauty against the clean backdrop of their hometown of Nantucket. These familiar moments inspired her to create beauty of her own. Shop the full Ruthie B. Collection

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