Grand Grey Lady Diamond Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Grand Grey Lady Diamond Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Grand Grey Lady Diamond Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry
One of a Kind

Grand Grey Lady Diamond Necklace

A grand Grey Lady is adorned with a wave of diamonds across her serene expression. This one-of-a-kind iteration of a handmade, Cameo classic features sparkle and whimsy that offsets the eerie elegance of the beloved design.  

Grand Cameo necklace with 0.09ct diamond. Available in oxidized sterling silver. Approximately 21x29mm. 32in infinity chain.


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About the gemstone

Repurposed from various sources, these “break-out” diamonds are an ethical variation of modern diamonds. Often less than a half-carat, Repurposed Modern Melee Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and enhance every design they’re featured in.
MOHs Hardness: 10
Origins: Various secondary markets including  auctions, estate sales, and refineries.
Care: While diamonds are the earth’s hardest gemstone, they can still break. Avoid dropping diamonds onto hard surfaces. To clean your diamond piece, soak in warm, soapy water and remove any dirt with a toothbrush or the like. It is safe to clean with an ultrasonic and steam cleaner.
Healing Properties: Diamonds are believed to promote radiance, self-sovereignty, and fearlessness.
Birthstone: April
Anniversary: 60th and 75th


The Story of Cameo

The hand-carved, formidable female faces of the Cameo collection aim to empower women with meditative and eerie adornments. Each Lady is a love letter to art nouveau and a symbol of the soft power, strength, femininity, and perseverance found in all who identify as a woman. These contemporary Cameos are often paired with repurposed diamonds, baroque pearls, naturalistic gemstones, bright silver, and 18k gold. Eerie yet elegant, tranquil, and enlightened: the Cameo collection offers talisman of empowerment and connection to herstories yet to be written. Shop the full Cameo Collection

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