Cracked Egg Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Cracked Egg Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Cracked Egg Necklace-Hannah Blount Jewelry

Cracked Egg Necklace

A tribute to nature’s organic artistry—the handmade egg necklace illustrates natural elements in contemporary, bright silver, creating a harmonious duality found throughout nature herself. The egg pendant features a myriad of cracks, as if a creature was ready to start anew from its shell casing.

Cracked egg pendant. Approximately 29x19mm. Available in bright silver. 32in infinity chain. 

Each piece is handmade to order, so please allow one to two weeks for the creative process. 


When will this ship

Made to Order (1-3 weeks)

This style typically takes 1-3 weeks to craft and 1-3 days to ship.


The Story of Waiting

Hannah's first collection, Waiting was developed as her college thesis and is ever-evolving like the nature it’s inspired by. This collection of jewelry comprises organic shapes, such as eggs and branches, waiting for the rain to evolve them to their next phase of life. Waiting commemorates nature in its most primal stages and celebrates its stark dualities: eggs symbolize life and new beginnings, while barren branches tend to connote spectrality and finality. Yet both harbor life within them, despite preconceived notions of their true meaning. When studying composition and balance, there is no greater master of this than Mother Nature—the original composer. Elegant and minimal, yet organic and eerie: the Waiting collection honors the complex contrasts of nature’s organic artistry. Shop the full Waiting Collection

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