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Custom Australian Parti Sapphire Engagement Ring

A couple approached me to create an engagement ring incorporating the groom’s Australian nationality. Requesting a parti sapphire due to their beauty and believed Australian heritage, I set off to source this type of gemstone for their desired ring. After extensive sourcing and hours of research, I discovered just how rare it is to find an Australian parti sapphire as they are actually typically found in Africa. Eventually I was able to source an Australian parti sapphire they both loved; though the stone was larger than their original idea, anything smaller would not have shown the multitudes of color that parti sapphires are known for. The bride loved my Vanity prongs, but because she is a chef I recommended a low, bezel setting that would protect the sapphire throughout her work day. The two prongs are purely decorative, but the stone is adequately protected and still in the Vanity style she loves.
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