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Custom Speckled Wooden Egg Necklace

A combination of old and new: a client presented me with heirloom stones that she was looking to give new life. Her mother had recently passed, so she and her siblings took apart a piece of their mother’s jewelry and divided the stones for individual projects—a beautiful way for each sibling to remain connected to their mother and each other. We both loved the imagery and symbolism of eggs, so I employed Mass WoodWorks to hand-turn a custom wooden egg, in which I tube-set the diamonds to appear like speckles on eggshell.

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All other sizes, colors, and options are made-to-order. This style typically takes 1-3 weeks to craft and 1-3 days to ship. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about exact turn-around times or discuss options for expedited service.

About The Gemstone

Diamonds are renowned for their clarity and classic cuts, but Hannah Blount Jewelry loves more unusual diamonds that come in a variety of colors and qualities. Diamonds that hold striking and organic inclusions tell the most interesting stories and offer even more beauty and wonder within their singular structures.
MOHs Hardness: 10
Origins: Sourced from around the world, any diamond that enters the United States must go through the Kimberley Process. While this is not a perfect program, it helps to eliminate conflict diamonds in today’s market.
Care: While diamonds are the earth’s hardest gemstone, they can still break. Avoid dropping diamonds onto hard surfaces. To clean your diamond piece, soak in warm, soapy water and remove any dirt with a toothbrush or the like. It is safe to clean with an ultrasonic and steam cleaner.
Healing Properties: Diamonds are believed to promote radiance, self-sovereignty, and fearlessness.
Birthstone: April
Anniversary: 60th and 75th

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