Selene Opal Sister Cameo Studs-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Selene Opal Sister Cameo Studs-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Selene Opal Sister Cameo Studs-Hannah Blount Jewelry
One of a Kind

Selene Opal Sister Cameo Studs

The goddess Selene is personified in a vibrant Lightning Ridge Australian opal and Cameo duo with 18k gold and bright silver details. The opal studs are ethereal yet organically refind in their celestial hues and intricate design. 

1.05ct Lightning Ridge Australian opal Cameo studs. Available in 18k gold with bright silver. Approximately 7x11mm. Please note: these earrings are sisters, not twins.


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About the gemstone

The Lightning Ridge opal mine is known for producing the famed black opal, but it also produces a variety of vibrant opals with a lustrous play-of-color and fire. Hannah Blount Jewelry works with a variety of opal cutters around the world who procure ethically-sourced, rough opal from local Australian miners. All opals are beloved for their whimsical, kaleidoscopic colors; the word opal comes from the Latin opallios—this describes a person’s ability to perceive the changing of colors.
MOHs Hardness: 5.5-6.5
Origins: Lightning Ridge, NSW Australia
Care: All opals are fragile like glass: be extra careful to avoid abrasive surfaces, and avoid knocking your opal against hard surfaces. Extreme temperature shifts can cause cracks. To keep your opal clean, use warm water with mild soap and a soft toothbrush or cloth. Do not use a steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner.
Healing Properties: Precious opals that contain play-of-color are known to stimulate the emotional body and are considered an amplifier stone.
Birthstone: October 
Anniversary: 14th


The Story of Cameo

The hand-carved, formidable female faces of the Cameo collection aim to empower women with meditative and eerie adornments. Each Lady is a love letter to art nouveau and a symbol of the soft power, strength, femininity, and perseverance found in all who identify as a woman. These contemporary Cameos are often paired with repurposed diamonds, baroque pearls, naturalistic gemstones, bright silver, and 18k gold. Eerie yet elegant, tranquil, and enlightened: the Cameo collection offers talisman of empowerment and connection to herstories yet to be written. Shop the full Cameo Collection

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