Small Lover's Eye Mother of Pearl Scrimshaw Earrings-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Small Lover's Eye Mother of Pearl Scrimshaw Earrings-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Small Lover's Eye Mother of Pearl Scrimshaw Earrings-Hannah Blount Jewelry

Small Lover's Eye Mother of Pearl Scrimshaw Earrings

Luminescent mother of pearl drops provide a striking canvas for two coquettish lover's eyes. The pristine cuts of mother of pearl appear to possess flashes of argent and alabaster; the handmade, one-of-a-kind pair of earrings also feature 14k gold bails and ear hooks, contrasting the cool hues of the Scrimshaw earrings.

Mother of pearl hand-scribed Scrimshaw earrings with India ink. Available in 14k gold. Approximately 10x21mm.


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About the gemstone

Mother of pearl is a nacre cut from the shell of the pinctada maxima pearl oyster—like all pearls, pinctada maxima pearls are formed when an irritant becomes trapped in a mollusk. The mollusk secretes a fluid, called nacre, which coats the irritant layer upon layer until a pearl is formed. Before the use of plastics one, of the main uses for mother of pearl was buttons: nowadays, this iridescent nacre is beloved for its use in fine jewelry in a variety of shades from inky silver to translucent white.
MOHs Hardness: 3.5
OriginsAustralia south sea
Care: Keep mother of pearl jewelry away from chemicals: contact with cosmetics, oils, acids, etc., can discolor or ruin the texture of pearls. Avoid cleaning your scrimshaw- this can ruin the ink. If absolutely necessary, use a cool, damp cloth- but avoid the ink as much as possible.

The Story of Scrimshaw

Like the art of tattooing, the Scrimshaw collection modernizes the traditional beauty of hand-etched adornments. Utilizing the technique of engraving and inking illustrations into various materials, scrimshaw dates back to whalers of the late 18th century; scrimshanders of yore created their hand-etched pieces to pass the time at night aboard their ships, often working with the current and movement of the vessel to create their designs. The longing that inspired sailors, as each night of their voyage passed, evolved into beautiful art that captured the romance of their yearning. Whether they channeled their heart’s desire or took respite from their unknown futures, scrimshaw work has always been deeply personal to Hannah, yet incredibly accessible to all familiar with nostalgia’s spell. A labor of love, each piece is intricately hand-scribed by Hannah; consisting of various soft gemstones and seashells with fine, mixed metals and India ink, the scrimshaw collection features hand-carved gestures, anatomical studies, and oceanic creatures. Combining the sentimentality of each HBJ piece with the endless inspiration the ocean provides, each Scrimshaw piece serves as a symbol of protection, resistance, and nostalgia.
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