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It's Time To Celebrate Christmas! With Candy :)

Posted by Hannah Blount on


 Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, it is officially Christmas season! I know how silly my obsession is with this holiday, but I am SO ready for the festivities to kick in. Hello Christmas music, cookies, warm pajamas, and garland!

To celebrate this year, per usual, I will be hosting an Artist Reception for Stroll Weekend on Nantucket Island. It will be Saturday, December 5, from 2-6pm, and will take place at Hepburn, 3 Salem St. I would love to have you come meet with me, enjoy refreshments, and celebrate the holidays!

Most of all, however, I will finally be launching my new line that celebrates the sweet things in life- Candy. I hope you will all love the gummy bears, dot-candy hoops, lollipops, and a multitude of other mouth-watering items that you will most likely want to put in your mouth (please don't do this). I am very excited!

Please come, if you can, and Happy Holidays!

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Posted by Hannah Blount on


Ah, the joys of the studio. The other evening I had the randomest urge to get no work done, and instead decided to take photos of the little items that make my wheels turn. It was delightful to take the dirty chaos that is on my jeweler's bench and glamorize them with good lighting and a tight zoom. To be honest, most of them are just as exciting in real life. The bright white of new chain, the colors of all my pliers bunched and shoved together on their stand. The new bench pin that is slowly scuffing up with file marks and holes from a drill bit (much like my fingernails), something to be proud of. My disorganized cluster of half-finished work that never seems to get finished; or put away, because that would mean defeat. I would like to share these with you, for they are as important to me as my work is. Enjoy!

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Posted by Hannah Blount on


 After hearing several people describe my work as "playful," I curiously began thinking of how my work could be... playful. While I personally think my work is more somber than that, I decided playful could be an exciting new development for me.

This in mind, I began to work on a new line called Candy. It will be, literally, imitations of candy, with bright colors and happy-go-lucky nostalgia of quarters for gumballs, the thrill of that new strip of dot candy, the seduction of rock crystals on a stick. Lollipops and gumball machines, silver gummi bears, and twisty cellophane-wrapped hard candy.

To bring more color, I have introduced some enamel work. This image is of enameled gumballs, which will be set in a series of rings. I have chosen colors that are visually and classically exciting, and I hope this new line can bring us all back to those brighter days!

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Happy Halloween!

Posted by Hannah Blount on


I have been enjoying the madhouse that is Halloween. It brings out the edgy and the bizarre... spiky things with studs and gore become weirdly sexy and intriguing.

For instance, I have been enthralled by this Tim Burton shoot in Harper's Bazaar, and have been contemplating framing them and putting them up around the apartment... unfortunately, I am worried that I may freak myself out some sad, lonely night.

There is such a vibrant contrast between the brilliant blood-red in the photos and the reality that is home to most of us. Halloween is a chance for even the most boring to become something exciting, to be thrilled out of comfort zones, to explore possibilities! We are taken out of this place and put into a sublime world that doesn't exist anywhere but in our own eyes. (Now, I say this while I am listening to Greensleeves... what can I say? It still doesn't compete with Christmas.)

For a costume, I chose to be a star- someone that everyone is always looking for: Waldo. Hardly intriguing or sexy, but certainly fun and entertaining. Plus, it gives me a reason to wear super chic eye-wear- definitely something I have always wanted to rock, but felt I was tempting fate all too much by donning the unnecessary lenses.

I wear them now.

So, enjoy this excuse to discover something exciting, and Happy Halloween!
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