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The Meaning Of | The Sticks and Stones Collection

Posted by Hannah Blount on

My Sticks and Stones collection highlights the unique and diverse inclusions of each uncut, one-of-a-kind quartz crystal. 


Stacking rings, one-of-a-kind necklaces and an Extra Grand sized Herkimer are now available from the Sticks and Stones collection. Herkimer diamonds, mined exclusively in Herkimer, NY, are singular and palatial in their glimmering, icy beauty and organic silhouettes. Believed to be nearly 500 million years old, each stone has naturally formed with 18 facets, 6 sides and 2 points (double terminated). While they are not actually diamonds, they earned this nickname for their diamond-like silhouette. Herkimers are often rife with curious inclusions, including smokey discolorations and piggy back crystals (a baby crystal growing out of the surface of a larger crystal). 
I was first introduced to Herkimer diamonds as a student in college, and I was instantly struck by their intricate beauty and bought one for myself. Shortly after this purchase I was hospitalized with a kidney stone and in my morphine-induced haze, I utilized the sparkling Herkimer to propose to a male nurse. Thankfully, he declined; years later a store requested I set all of their Herkimers, which inspired the setting that became Sticks and Stones. HannahBlountJewelry-SticksAndStonesCollection-HerkimerDiamondJewelry-Necklaces
Herkimer diamonds are so unique, I felt they needed an almost invisible setting; my settings intend to respect the quality of the gemstones, without dominating them. Utilizing minimal design to highlight their individual beauty, Sticks and Stones accentuates the natural beauty of Herkimer diamonds with a variety of fine metals. 
To those who believe, Herkimer diamonds are considered one of the highest-energy gemstones out there. Herkimer diamonds are considered crystal amplifiers, intensifying the energy of the gemstones around them. They are also known as attunement stones, because they're considered to be quite harmonious with other gems and crystals.

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