The Magic of Medusa: One-of-a-kind Jewelry

The Magic of Medusa: One-of-a-kind Jewelry

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Medusa Earrings

Celebrate the misunderstood magic of Medusa with HBJ’s newest, one-of-a-kind series, featuring ancient coins of the Gorgon myth in designs from Waiting, Vanity, Ruthie B. Scrimshaw, and Cameo.

The traditional mythology of Medusa tells the story of a venomous monster with bloodshot eyes and serpent tresses, who turned mortals to stone as she sought vengeance. This mythological creature has had her own narrative imposed upon her for centuries, but HBJ has always chosen to see her truth: a woman looking to reclaim her power.

A symbol of protection and tenacity for those ready to rewrite their own stories and helm their own adventures: the latest Medusa pieces feature ancient coins come to life as adornments of antiquity.

Medusa Jewelry

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