October Birthstone – Opal

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Hannah Blount Jewelry Boulder Opal Diamond Vanity Earrings | Sadie Dayton Photography

Photograph by Sadie Dayton.

Happy birthday, October babies! Your birthstone is the always-magical opal, full of fire and mystery. Opals comes in many colors and varieties, boulder opals especially are a favorite of HBJ. Opals are relatively soft as they're made up of about 10% water, and come in at 5 to 6.5 on the MOHS scale. HBJ loves this gemstone as no one opal is alike.  

Boulder Opal Vanity Studs by Hannah Blount Jewelry 

Historically, opals have been considered one of the luckiest gemstones, from ancient Roman scholars to the Aztecs of Mexico. Opals are sometimes called 'the Eye Stone', as the ancient Greeks believed those who wore them would received the gift of sight. In more recent history opals have garnered a more uncertain reputation, but there is no doubt in the magic of this gemstone. Read more about the metaphysical properties of the Eye Stone here.

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