June Birthstone – Mother of Pearl

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Commemorate all the June birthdays in your life with mother of pearl piece by Hannah Blount Jewelry. June birthstones are considered to be pearls, mother of pearl, alexandrite and moonstones – but the HBJ studio is particularly partial to the celestial, so we're highlighting lunar-inspired + organic mother of pearl

Mother of Pearl Jewelry by Hannah Blount Jewelry

Mother of pearl pieces are derived from the iridescent layer, the nacre, of mollusks; these pearl varieties have to endure a lot of hardship to become the beauties that they are. To some cultures, mother of pearl connote the moon and also symbolize healing, protection, femininity and purity.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry by Hannah Blount Jewelry

Found often in abalone and oyster shells, these lustrous little luxuries are organically refined and one-of-a-kind. Mother of pearl often comes in shades of white, off-white, and rose tones, and are both ethereal and sentimental. Most pearl varieties posses overtones, the change in hue over the mother of pearls' body color; some mother of pearls also show the iridescent phenomenon known as 'orient'.

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