In Recovery | Herkimer Diamond Mines Fire

Posted by Hannah Blount on

The Herkimer Diamond Mines continue to recover from a severe fire that destroyed their museum and retail store – thankfully no one was hurt.

Herkimer Diamond Jewelry by Hannah Blount Jewelry

As the Herkimer Diamond Mines team continue to regroup, we're asking HBJ clients to note an increase in production time to made-to-order pieces utilizing these precious gemstones. If you're local to NY, you can help the Mines recover by patroning their three restaurants: Prospector's Pavilion, Rock-n-Roll Cafe and The Miner's Table.  

Herkimer Diamonds are a staple gemstone at the studio and our relationship with the Herkimer Diamond Mine staff is something we treasure. Herkimer diamonds are beloved by HBJ for their individuality and magic


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