Argentium Silver from Hannah Blount Jewelry

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As the studio evolves we’re expanding our use of fine metals and are pleased to have introduced argentium silver into HBJ’s silver, handmade pieces. Argentium silver is tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic, nickel-free and possess a whiter, brighter hue than other metals. 



For those with sensitive skin or those that react to sterling silver, argentium silver is a great alternative. Containing 93.5% silver with a smaller percentage of copper, with more germanium than copper in its make up, than sterling—argentium silver skin reactions are very rare. More often than not, reactions to argentium silver are most likely a reaction to the finishing polishes, cleaners, any solder impurities found in the piece, or the finite amount copper found in argentium silver pieces that are cast. 

Each person's PH levels are different, so wearing any metal is a personalized experience. It’s difficult for jewelers to predict how each individual wearer will react to metals. Aside from the beautiful, lustrous hue, argentium silver offers a relatively reaction-free option for lovers of silver jewelry. How does Hannah Blount Jewelry's silver wear on you?

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