How It Was Made – Roseate Vanity Earrings

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My Roseate Vanity earrings are comprised of balmy, blush sapphires, chocolate diamonds and 14k rose gold.

Originally, I made the setting as a pair of studs in oxidized silver. Whilst these were beautiful as they were, the metal did nothing for the sapphires. I took out the stones and rebuilt the setting; introducing 14k rose gold instead. This new metal enhanced the sapphires' rose tones immensely.

The pairs' prongs and wires add edge and dimension to the femininity of the sapphires cut and color. To compliment these design aspects, I added chocolate diamonds above as an added muted quality that enhances the pair's elegance and timelessness.  

These earrings are one of a kind, so shop them while you can! Available online until they're gone...

Hannah Blount Jewelry | Roseate Vanity Earrings

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