Cleaning Out My Closet

Posted by Hannah Blount on

While home on Nantucket for a wedding last weekend, I decided to help Momma B out and clean my room. This meant a great deal of trash bags and take-it-or-leave-it bags (if you are from Nantucket you know what that means). But one thing I just couldn't get rid of is the Klutz bead book that started it all. I received this as a birthday present (I thought I was around six, but this book proves it was a few years later- although I was crafting way before that), and would spend my days pouring over its pages trying out new designs. I realized, looking through its water-stained, moldy instructions, that I tried each and every style they suggested. I have sisters who can vouch for that, as they still (to my embarrassment) wear, with pride, the little jewels I made 15 or 16 years ago. Here are some images I took:



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