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A Morning with Dale

Posted by Hannah Blount on

This morning my friend, Tuany, and I visited the Dale Chilhuly exhibit at the MFA here in Boston: Through the Looking Glass. I had seen Chihuly in Pittsburgh several years ago at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (amazing), and it was wonderful to see his wizardry yet again. Rather than propped amidst the natural background of Phipps' trees and flowers, this show  displayed his sculptures as elements of art. They were less "installation," and it was interesting to compare the two experiences. I longed for the juxtaposition of the natural vs. man-made from the previous exhibit, but found the hyper specific detail on each individual part more relevant at the MFA. The colors, stimulating and exciting to my tired eyes, were the breath of fresh inspiration I needed to plunge into summer.

 My favorite was the clear glass sculpture (right). I want to munch on it.

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