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Whilst our studio would argue that pearls are seasonless - there's something extra special about them in the summertime, making pearls the perfect birthstone for June. The Hannah Blount Jewelry studio loves baroque pearls for their individuality and peculiarity, as well as their elegance. 

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Pearls have been a symbol of status and wealth since their use in medieval jewelry; Mary, Queen of Scotts' collection of black pearls is still famous today. Their symbolism contradicts their beginnings, as pearls are created from the irritation of a mollusk. Pearls have to endure a lot of hardship to become the beauties that they are. Whilst natural pearls are rarer and grow in the wild so-to-speak, cultured pearls have essentially the same process but with human facilitation. 


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To some cultures, the traditional pearl (with its spherical shape) connotes the moon; pearls are also a strong symbol of femininity and purity. Colors of pearls vary from popular white and cream, to the rarer Tahitian's cool greys and ink shades. There are four main types of cultured pearls; Hannah Blount Jewelry's Ruthie B. collection utilizes predominately freshwater barque pearls, cultured here in the USA and in China.


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Most pearls posses overtones, the change in hue over the pearls body color. Some pearls also show the iridescent phenomenon known as 'orient'. Pearls are delicate, coming in at only 2.5-3 on the MOHs scale. The magic of pearls extends past jewelry, some beauty companies use pearl powder in their products as it's believed to help control temperamental skin.

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