How It Was Made – Aquamarine Vanity Link Necklace

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The oceanic-magic of aquamarine is impossible to capture in just a single piece, unless that piece is comprised of over 100ct. This Vanity necklace embodies the incredible, varying shades of the aquamarine gemstone, all in one piece. 

Currently available at Bloom by Anuschka, the Aquamarine Vanity Link necklace is made in 14k gold and silver. This lavish collar is a total 180.25ct, and was very labor intensive but well worth the effort. I'd been itching to create a grand piece that embodies the essence of all my Vanity aquamarine pieces

Hannah Blount JewelryHannah Blount Jewelry

For this necklace, I designed as I created at my bench. This process was both confusing and elating, and definitely not my normal. One of my favorite aspects of this necklace is it's underside – collars require comfort for the wearer, particularly with such weight. The contrasting silver and 14k gold play together nicely, and capture the aquamarines in a graphic and nouveau-inspired setting. 

 View this statement piece online here, and see it in person at Bloom by Anuschka

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