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Here at the Hannah Blount Jewelry studio, we often use language to describe our gemstones, that speaks to their prismatic coloring – like viridescence or lustrous, etc. These words refer to the sheen and glimmer of the colors and light found in the inclusions and makeup of some gemstones. These optical phenomenas are pure magic, and 100% nature-made. Below is a quick breakdown of some of those traits... 


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Adularescence – Often described as 'billowy light', this refers to the azureous and sometimes milky-white gleam on the top of a gemstone. Most commonly found in moonstones, rose quartz and agate.  

Aventurescence – The iridescence is due to the play of color, caused by reflection on tiny, thin inclusions that often appear leaf-like. Mostly found in sunstones and certain types of quartz.

Labradorescence  – This term refers to the, mostly blue and green, light playing on different crystal planes found in metallic hues (like labradorite gemstones – hence the name!).

Opalescence – The pearly, lustrous appearance of most opals is referred to as opalescence. This is not to be confused with play-of-color, which is the flashes of rainbow colors that change depending on what angle you look at the opal. This is caused by the small spheres of mineral crystobalite. 

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